About Us

We're Beam Wellness, a cutting-edge wellness tech startup based in Dallas, Texas. At Beam, we’re committed to redefining wellness through innovative technology and our red light therapy and LED light therapy products stand at the forefront of this revolution. Light therapy has been shown to provide a variety of benefits, like supporting muscle recovery, improved circulation, and reduced inflammation.

Riding the wave of innovation, we've expanded our lineup with tailored RLT solutions – blankets, face masks, neck wraps – each a blend of comfort and cutting-edge science, designed to fit seamlessly into any routine.

Our Dynamic Founder

Jena Rangnow, inspired by her grandmother's challenging journey with arthritis, imagined a world where wellness is effortless and integrated into our daily lives. This vision birthed the Beam Blanket, a breakthrough in home health tech, offering therapeutic red light in a cozy, user-friendly package.

Beam Wellness Values

Innovative Wellness Tech

We curate tech solutions that truly enhance your wellness. Our focus goes beyond gadgets; we forge connections between advanced tech and your healing journey. With us, it's not just a product – it's a partnership in your pursuit of enriched living.

Emphasis on Convenience

We understand that consistent holistic health practices lead to compounded benefits, and ease of use is key to maintaining that consistency. We focus on designing and sourcing devices that seamlessly fit into routines enabling habit stacking.

Wellness for Everyone

Beam Wellness excels in accessibility. Unlike high-end spa treatments, our solutions bring wellness to you, saving time and money. We're dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for everyone.